Consulting is a very emotional affair, especially in sport, characterized by a sense of shared passion. I work with entities and individuals to profitably grow their businesses/personal brand and resolve pressing strategic questions.

Backed by 14+ years of media experience across various verticals, I work with brands to identify and connect them with their audience.

That coupled with my experience within football, has helped me build significant relationships with decision makers across the globe.

I also work with athletes, assuming the role of a parent to the younger ones, ​guiding them on and off the pitch. Since many players come from disadvantaged backgrounds or leave the education system early, my duty to my clients extends far past the traditional view of signing endorsements and negotiating contracts.

That said, the four key factors that define who I am and the way I work are:




Shuaib Ahmed


Executive, Entrepreneur, Geek, Wisdom imparter to a bunch of 6 – 9 year olds on the football pitch.

The Vision

Focus on….

Communication: To have open and honest communication with my clients, to ensure that we are aligned and exceeding expectations everyday.

Trust: To build and maintain trust with my clients, vendors/partners, and with all stakeholders involved in completing projects.

Honesty: To consistently be honest with my clients and myself about the work I do, the effort I put in and our shared vision.

Integrity: To have integrity, strive to always “do the right thing” and treat my clients and my vendors with respect.

Passion: To display the passion I have to succeed, to do my best, and create products, programs and events that deliver value.

Innovation: To provide my clients creative and innovative ideas and solutions to produce the best results possible and challenge each other to think outside of the box.

Knowledge: To always look to expand my knowledge and improve my understanding of my areas of expertise, my client’s business, their industries and the global marketplace in order to better serve my clients and continually evolve together.

58Projects Completed
4Deals Concluded

How it all began

August, 2010

Launched a English language blog (Footynions) featuring the beautiful game as as observed across the Middle East.

September, 2013

Started consulting (on the side) with brands across the Middle East who wanted to effectively target their audience via the power of football.

April, 2014

Secured first sponsorship deal with a top Apparel provider for an Asian National Team player.

September, 2019

Adapted self by learning the business of player transfer (while not officially being an intermediary) to assist and advise the first player who reached out for help on potential trials.

January, 2020

Registered as an intermediary (USSF) to actively focus on relationships built over the course of the years to identify and recommend talents accordingly at clubs across the club.